The Livingstone group was founded in April 1948. At that time, there was a small group of Cubs and Scouts who used a hall on Venstraat in Strijp for their activities.

After 1955, the group acquired a piece of land on the Welschapse dijk, on which a clubhouse was built.

In the 1960s, the interest in Scouting (then still called "padvinderij" in Dutch) decreased and the group became smaller.

"In 1969, the group moved to Woenselse Heide and started with a small group of Welpen in addition to Verkenners. After that, the group quickly expanded and also started with Kabouters."

In 1975, girls also started playing the Scout game at the Livingstone group, and part of the group moved to the temporary church in Jagershoef. The group also rented space in the community center of Jagershoef for a year.

After much hard work and many setbacks, the current log cabin was put into use in April 1978. This clubhouse has 3 rooms for scout sections and a staff room. In addition, there are storage areas, attics, and toilet facilities.

In 2021, it was found that the facilities of the log cabin, after years of use, were no longer sufficient and needed a refurbishment. A renovation was carried out to make room for more sanitary facilities, and other areas such as the kitchen were also refreshed.