Norms & values

Scouting Livingstone Eindhoven fully endorses the rules established by the World Scouting organization. The starting point is that European legislation applies to everyone. This legislation does not differ much from our Dutch laws. It is important that the alcohol and drug policy is clear: there is zero tolerance policy. This applies to everyone who participates in scouting. The World Scouting organization and Scouting Netherlands also believe that drugs and scouting cannot go together and are strictly prohibited. Alcohol is also prohibited for all youth participants under the age of 18 years. The following has been communicated to the participants:

Norms & values

Scouting has been busy in recent years modernizing the Scouting game. In doing so, the game vision has been reformulated in SCOUTS. Using the elements of SCOUTS, we want to discuss the norms and values that we want to uphold within the Dutch contingent. The Englishman Baden-Powell invented the Scouting game at the beginning of the 20th century. By constantly giving it a contemporary twist, Scouting is becoming increasingly modern and attractive.

Scouting is an association with a mission: children and young people find in Scouting activities that bring them lots of fun, challenge, and cooperation. Every week they engage in creative themes adapted to their age. Play is necessary for healthy development. Scouting gives children the space to discover and learn, to move physically, to experiment socially, and to develop themselves.

Scouting teaches children what respect, independence, and collaboration mean. Learning while playing leads to stronger personalities and thus to a richer society. At Scouting, you develop skills, behavior, and character, and gain knowledge that benefits you both within and outside Scouting, now and in the future. Children get the chance to develop socially at Scouting, to move physically, which makes them feel good about themselves.

The game vision of SCOUTS:


This element represents the involvement that a scout has with society, the sense of connection that scouts around the world feel with each other, and the international aspect within Scouting.


This element represents the values and principles (the "rules of the game"), the ceremonies, and the foundation of Scouting.


This element stands for outdoor life, where nature is not only seen as the environment in which Scouting is played, but also as an educational value.


This element represents the personal development of scouts. Scouting is not only a fun leisure activity, but also provides opportunities for personal growth and to push your limits.


This element stands for working in subgroups (old teaches young) and the increasing independence of the youth members.


This element represents the Scouting game itself, its versatility, themes, and its appeal to creativity (both in imagination and in finding creative solutions).