When you become a member of our group, you will also receive real Scouting clothing! That clothing is called a Scoutfit. With the Scoutfit, we want to show that everyone is equal, regardless of who you are or where you come from. Everyone is welcome at Scouting! An additional advantage of your Scoutfit is that you are easily recognizable, not only for people outside of Scouting, but also within Scouting when you are, for example, on a camp. A Scoutfit consists of a number of components:

Blue pants

Perhaps this is one of the most well-known colors for pants, so it's also easy to find. Jeans are known for their durability and can survive the fun of Scouting. But if you prefer outdoor pants, that's also fine.

Scoutfit blouse

Each age group has their own color of Scoutfit blouse. The different colors of Scoutfit blouses are: red for Bevers, green for Welpen, beige for Scouts, Birque for Explorers, Rover Scouts, Plus Scouts, and board members. You can get this blouse at the Scoutshop

Group neckerchief

Each Scouting group is recognizable by their own color group neckerchief. Ours is burgundy red with an orange border. You can decorate your group neckerchiefwith a slide.

Where do the different badges go on your Scoutfit?

Each badge has its own place on your Scoutfit. Below you can see where each emblem belongs on your Scoutfit.

For fun badges, such as the welcome badge, theme figure badges and presentation badge, no official position has been agreed upon. We advise following the agreements within the group for this. So, ask your leaders for advice. Make sure your blouse doesn't get too full, badges are not placed on the back or anything like that. Some scouts also choose to keep these badges on a campfire blanket, for example.


Did you know that there is a special shop for Scouts where you can not only get your outfit, but also try it on? This way you can be sure that you have the right size. You will be helped by enthusiastic people who know what they are talking about. At ScoutShop, you can buy everything for outdoor cooking and find backpacks, clothing, shoes, tents, knives, flashlights, compasses, sleeping bags, mats and camping accessories. You can also shop online at the ScoutShop, or pay a visit to your closest ScoutShop.

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