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Wij zijn ontzettend blij dat we jou mogen verwelkomen bij onze groep en dat je net zo enthousiast bent als dat wij zijn. Voordat we verder gaan moeten we wel een aantal zaken regelen en daarom is het belangrijk om sommige pagina’s en documenten door te nemen voordat je jezelf inschrijft. Dan weten we zeker dat je achteraf niet voor verassingen komt te staan!

Membership fee

The membership fee for our Scouting group is €35 per quarter. If you register now, you are required to pay 6 months of membership fee in advance. After that, the payment term can be adjusted. It can be paid per month, quarter, half year, or year. Our preference is the latter two options to avoid administrative hassle.

Also check our costs page, here we will go into more detail about the costs and how membership fees work.

Information booklet

We have created a useful information booklet that contains all the information about our Scouting group. To ensure that you don't encounter any surprises, we recommend that you go through this booklet before starting the registration process. You can find the information booklet here. vinden.


During camps and weekends, it can be useful to take out a travel insurance policy against any damage to your property, such as clothing, glasses, sleeping bags, etc. These are not insured by our group. This insurance is voluntary. Additionally, it's useful to have liability insurance for the entire family.


Since the implementation of the GDPR, we are obliged to inform you about what we do with your personal data. You can read about this in our privacy statement On our website. It is also available in PDF format. During registration, we also ask you to give permission for the creation of visual materials. This can be used for promotion (on website, social media, etc.), as well as for camp and weekend memories. This permission is not mandatory and has no consequences for participating in activities. If you want to change this afterwards, you can always contact us via our contact form.


The registration can be done online, but it also needs to be signed. You can do this through the leadership of the Scout section you chose. They will print out the completed registration form for you to sign.


If you eventually want to unsubscribe, please keep in mind that there is a 2-month notice period. If you have overpaid your membership fee, we will refund the excess amount. Unsubscribing can only be done in writing (not by email). Please not only submit the form to the secretariat to unsubscribe, but also inform the scout section you belong to.

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