Saturday 10.00-12.00

5 - 7 years

Witte Volta

Who are the Bevers?

At Scouting, children aged five to seven are called Beavers, just like in England (Beavers). And we thought it was a nice name. That's why.
wear a scarf just like all other Scouts, which makes them feel like they really belong.

Exploring through play

Bevers are mostly fond of playing. Playing in nature, playing sports, acting or simply playing together. They explore the world around them in a playful way. And they don't have to travel far for that. In Huize Hotsjietonia, the house of Lange Doener, there is plenty to experience.

The leaders play along

The leaders of the Bevers play along. One plays Pompedomp, another Hippe Springveer. Yet another is Lange Doener. They all have their own talents. But they also receive a good education. They attend training courses and workshops. A series of handbooks supports the leaders in coming up with the game. Your child is in good hands at Scouting.

Bevers play together

Bevers not only play with Lange Doener and his friends, but also with each other, in a group of up to 16 children. Like older Scouts, Bevers have their own customs and traditions, called "Bever ways". However, Bever ways are not fixed and are playful, mainly promoting a sense of togetherness. This way, Bevers learn to cooperate and work together while having fun.

Customized discovery journey

At Scouting Livingstone we have a Bever group named "Witte Volta". The Bevers meet on Saturday mornings from 10:00 to 12:00.

If you and your child would like to come and have a look, you are more than welcome. Of course, you can also get more information by emailing the team leader of the Bevers.

We are looking for staff

Are you enthusiastic, do you provide good leadership, and do you enjoy guiding children and young people in their personal development? Or perhaps you have administrative skills that you want to utilize? Then our team is looking for you!


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