Saturday 14.00-17.00

14 - 17 years

Kalahari Stam

Wild ideas? Grand plans? Hidden talents?

At the Explorers, you can get started. Roll up your sleeves for the most exciting stage in the Scouting journey. Anyone between 14 and 17 can become an Explorer.

The Explorers are in charge.

They make plans together and determine their own adventure, which is why no day is the same. From spelunking to street theater, from sailing on the sea to singing, from campfire in Eindhoven to enduring rain in Ireland... There's never a dull moment and no day is the same.


Abseiling, canoeing, primitive camping, a day at the beach, and partying all in the same vacation. Carving your own mug out of birch wood. Setting up an environmental project in South Africa with a group through the Internet. Going to the World Jamboree in England. Nothing is impossible.

At Explorers, it's not just about making plans. Plans are meant to be executed.

Organizational talent

Making plans is one thing. Executing plans together is another. It requires organizational skills. You need to communicate effectively, listen, and make decisions. But organizing is a skill that can be learned. Fortunately, as an Explorer you're not on your own. Tasks are divided among the group. Everyone plays their own role in the team. The organizer coordinates the preparation and execution of the plan. The contact person seeks external help if necessary. The opinion leader ensures that everyone can express their opinion about the plan. And the creator ensures that everyone takes action. There is also a manual that describes these roles. All tasks involved in preparing and executing an activity are covered.

Space and respect

Adventure is exploring the unknown. That's where the greatest challenge lies. At Explorers, you'll have the space to develop your own talents. There are plenty of opportunities. It's up to you to seize them.

"But being an Explorer is not without obligations. You have respect for yourself and for others. You want to learn from all cultures in the world, both domestic and foreign. After all, you are a member of an international organization. As an Explorer, you also have respect for your natural environment. That's only logical. There's no better life than outdoor life, and you have to take care of it.


Explorers are old and wise enough. You no longer need leaders. However, guidance can still be useful. You can expect something from the guides. Not to keep you busy with pre-cooked activities. Rather, they give you that final push. They give you a good reason to get out of your lazy chair. And a little help when the plan threatens to strand. A good guide is not sitting on the sidelines picking their nose, but is actively participating.


As mentioned before, you are not an Explorer alone. You may become great friends. Together out, together home. Together making plans, together rolling up your sleeves. Celebrating together, cleaning up together. Eating out together, splitting the bill together.

At Scouting Livingstone, we have an Explorer section called "Kalahari". The Explorers meet every Saturday afternoon from 14.00-17.00. Would you like to join us sometime? You are welcome to do so! It is helpful if you contact us beforehand so we know you are coming. You can reach us at the email address of the team leader. If you have any questions first, feel free to email us!

We meet on Saturday afternoon (14.00-17.00)

We are looking for guides

Are you enthusiastic, do you provide good leadership, and do you enjoy guiding children and young people in their personal development? Or perhaps you have administrative skills that you want to utilize? Then our team is looking for you!


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